June 5, 2023

Gas Prices Drop another 4 Cents The expense of gasoline is always a hot topic, and prices appear to be ever-fluctuating.

On July 1, the Ford government carried out a cut to its taxes by 5.7 cents per liter in Ontario, and rates dropped by 11 cents because of this. Now,

falling gas prices

it’s being reported that rates will drop an additional four cents on August 25. This information will likely be welcomed by lots of Ontarian’s, as the district is currently in the midst of a warm summer.

Not having to invest as much in gas will liberate some extra cash to invest in various other summer season tasks.

Of course, it is essential to keep in mind that the cost of ghas is still subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the costs. But also, for now, Ontarians can delight in a little break at the pump.

As costs went down 5 cents on Aug. 24, extra alleviation is on the way for Ottawa vehicle drivers at the pumps ahead of the weekend break.

Gas prices are expected to fall another 4 cents per liter

Roger McKnight, the chief petroleum analyst at En-Pro, tweeted on Aug. 24 that the cost at the pumps will certainly drop 4 cents on Aug. 25 to $1.549 cents a liter at most Ottawa filling stations.

The Ford federal government applied a cut to the ghas tax obligation by 5.7 cents per liter in Ontario on July 1, and ghas prices also went down 11 cents on that day.

Gas costs struck a record of $2.159 a liter in Ottawa in June.

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