February 5, 2023

This places Israel in a very bad negotiating position, as well as it is extremely unreasonable to all Israelis” Jared Kushner says Egypt’s Sisi once cancelled UN resolution condemning Israeli violence. 


Jared Kushner has exposed in his narrative that Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi terminated a UN resolution condemning Israeli violence in the occupied West Bank around the time Donald Trump ended up being president.

Egypt’s Sisi, Jordan’s Abdullah renew help for two-state

Kushner, who is the former US President’s advisor and also son-in-law, claimed in his book “Breaking History” that a number of countries-most notably Egypt-were preparing to present a resolution at the United Nations numerous years ago, knocking Israel’s actions across the West Bank as ostentatious infractions of global regulation.

At the time, the outgoing Obama administration said it would avoid the ballot on the resolution, which would certainly be interpreted as “a desertion” of Israel, of which the United States is a significant ally.

He said the United States abstaining would certainly likewise intimidate Washington’s future peace efforts by “turning negotiations toward the Palestinians” and also dissuade them from bargaining “directly with the Israelis.

Kushner elaborated as his father-in-law, who at the time was the inbound president, made his resistance to the resolution clear, regardless, as it is rare for a president-elect to comment on an outgoing administration’s plan.

In a statement posted to social media, Trump composed: “Peace between Israelis and Palestinians will be attained via straight negotiations between the events, not through the imposition of conditions by the United Nations.

This places Israel in a very bad negotiating position, as well as it is extremely unreasonable to all Israelis”. 

Following the previous US president’s words, Kushner claimed that Sisi called them and also stated that Egypt would cancel the decision to take part in the resolution. Kushner, who was charged in 2017 with dealing with affairs worrying the Middle East under Trump’s presidency, including in his narrative that then “it looked like we had an effect and also succeeded.

Kushner: ‘Sisi cancelled resolution against Israel violence’

General Sisi, who took power in Egypt in 2014, gave thanks to Trump for his initiatives in reinforcing connections between the two nations. In turn, Trump has previously defined Sisi as a “great leader” of his nation, in spite of various telephone calls from human rights organizations and also protestors for probes into the nation’s civil rights offenses against movie critics of his regime, including individuals associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and also leftists. Meanwhile, Egypt and Israel have had to develop diplomatic ties for years, since both countries authorized a US-brokered treaty in 1979.

Relationships between Cairo as well as Tel Aviv have actually expanded over the last few years, with a variety of security and also financial offers signed, coinciding with an increase in normalized ties between Israel and also a number of Arab states considering that the UAE authorized the debatable Abraham Accords in 2020.

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