June 5, 2023

Angry Tesla Owners Take Place Hunger Strike Over Top Quality Problems Electric lorries are taking Norway by a tornado, and the top-selling EV brand name in the country has been it year over year. Nonetheless, that doesn’t indicate that its automobiles are without perceived troubles, ones that some Norwegian Tesla owners say they have actually been unable to remediate with it directly. Some proprietors report that they are experiencing bad client service, and others affirm that they are neglected by the automaker with unkept assurances of a return phone call.

Angry Tesla Owners Go on Hunger Strike Over Quality 

Now, a group of these proprietors are fed up and have actually started seeking an alternative means to get Tesla’s attention.

The most up-to-date? A hunger strike
A lot of the owners’ complaints aren’t specifically new. Poor paint quality, rust, failure to meet declared battery life, falling short of heat pump, stuck doors in the cold, and yellowing infotainment displays (which it informed the NHTSA were only suggested to last “5-6 years” anyway) are just a few of the significant issues noted.


Other issues can be found easily on owners’ forums. Concerns with the car’s and truck’s lights, bubbling seats, water accumulating in the trunk, loose trim items, and lowered power.

An additional issue is simply that “the autopilot does not work properly.” While this statement is broad, it’s something that several can recognize given the variety of current complaints against Tesla’s partially automated driving software program.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration even opened a design analysis on the innovation, which is an essential action for the firm asking a car manufacturer to release a recall.

Tesla Customers In Norway Go On Hunger Strike To 

If all of these grievances are relatively well known on the internet, why are the owners escalating points to a hunger strike?

According to the group’s site, another significant issue preventing owners from having their lorries carried out to their expectations entails the customer service side of the firm.

Owners state that they spend an excessive amount of time waiting on hold to really talk with somebody from it, and that they never receive a call back when promised.

The Drive has actually listened to comparable issues from U.S. proprietors, especially from one that just recently was unable to drive their car for six months since Tesla’s messed-up documents made them unable to register their car.

The Norwegian proprietors believe that if they can increase the problem to the focus of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, all will certainly be fixed.

After information about the hunger strike started flowing on social networks, Musk tweeted concerning fasting.

While this feels coincidental, some involved in the strike believe that it was implied to be a vicious subtweet, while others believe that the purpose was instead an SEO countermeasure against the information of a hunger strike.

In any type of matter, neither Musk nor it publicly talked about the issue prior to Musk’s personal jet taking off to Norway– whether that is related is unidentified.

Tesla once attempted to position itself as the father of the low-cost electric vehicle but has since shifted its business model to sell premium vehicles designed to compete with the BMW 3-Series.

Owners have actually been complaining regarding Tesla’s after-sales service for some time to no avail, even resulting in inexperienced employees reportedly being sent to service facilities to offer warm bodies to boost the experience.

That does not indicate that its automobiles are without viewed problems, ones that some Norwegian owners claim that they have been unable to remediate with it directly.

Proprietors claim that they spend an inordinate quantity of time waiting on hold to speak with someone from it, and also that they never get a call back when assured. The Drive has actually heard similar issues from U.S. proprietors, specifically from one that just recently was incapable of driving their auto for 6 months since its botched documents rendered them unable to register their vehicle.

Proprietors have been whining about its after-sales solution for some time now, even resulting in untrained employees apparently being sent out to service facilities to serve as cozy bodies to enhance the experience.

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