June 5, 2023


The power company says it is unable to restart gas distribution after discovering faults in the Nord Stream 1 pipe during maintenance.

Russian energy giant Gazprom has actually held off on a Saturday target date to bring back circulation using an essential gas supply route to Europe, citing an oil leakage in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline discovered during maintenance.

The energy company had shut down the pipe on Wednesday, which it said would certainly be 3 days of upkeep, but said in a social media article on Friday evening that it had actually recognised “breakdowns” of a wind turbine.

” Gas transmission by means of the Nord Stream pipe has actually been completely closed down until the operational issues in the equipment are eliminated,” Gazprom stated in a statement, without supplying a new schedule for when flows will certainly resume.

The move compounds Europe’s difficulties in securing adequate gas for the approaching cold weather, as Nord Stream 1 gives much-needed products to Germany and also other European countries.

Moscow has criticized sanctions enforced by the West adhering to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for restraining regular upkeep on the pipe, but some European Union authorities have actually implicated Russia in using power as a tool.

” This is part of Russia’s psychological battle versus us,” tweeted Michael Roth, chair of the German legislative international affairs committee.

Siemens Energy, which on a regular basis maintains Nord Stream 1 wind turbines, stated on Friday that the leakage Gazprom said had been discovered typically was no factor in stopping gas circulation, as its repair fell within the range of maintenance jobs.

” Such leaks do not typically affect the operation of a generator and can also be sealed on site,” the firm claimed in a declaration.

“In the past, too, the event of this type of leakage has not caused a shutdown of operations.”

Including that it was presently not contracted to deal with that specific maintenance issue, Siemens stated it had “mentioned numerous times that there were sufficient other wind turbines readily available at the Portovaya compressor terminal for Nord Stream 1 to run”.

Since August 2021, wholesale gas costs have increased 400%, slamming the European sector and customers hard as demand increased following pandemic lockdowns and worsened after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

European Payments chief Ursula von der Leyen earlier recommended enforcing a price limitation on Russian pipeline gas to counter what she claimed were Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “controls”.

BERLIN (AP)– Europe’s power situation was made worse Friday after Russian energy titan Gazprom stated it could not resume the source of gas through a major pipe to Germany for now. The company presented what it pointed out was a need for emergency service work to mend essential elements– in news brought in merely hours before it had actually been due to reactivate deliveries.

The Russian state-run power company shut down the Nord Flow 1 pipe on Wednesday for what it said would be three times for maintenance.

It said in a social media message Friday night that it had actually determined the “malfunctions” of a wind turbine and also incorporated that the pipeline would certainly not operate unless those were actually gotten rid of.

The step was the current growth in a saga in which Gazprom has actually evolved technological troubles as the factor for lessening gas circulates via Nord Flow 1– descriptions that German representatives have actually refused as a pay for a political energy play adhering to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

International energy companies have clambered to locate extra supplies throughout the summer to prepare for the winter season’s home heating needs, acquiring pricey dissolved fuel that pops in ships, while extra products have actually dropped by pipeline from Norway and Azerbaijan.

Fears of a winter months shortage have diminished as storage space has improved, but analysts warn that a comprehensive deadline could cause significant problems for Europe.The European Union needs to improve efforts to minimize fuel consumption, claimed electricity policy professional Simone Tagliapietra at the Bruegel brain trust in Brussels.
The continuing disruptions coming from Gazprom mean that “a winter season with absolutely no Russian fuel is actually the main instance for Europe,” he stated. “There is actually merely one way to plan for that: by lessening fuel and electrical energy demand.”

Gazprom said it had determined oil cracks from four turbines at the Portovaya converter terminal at the Russian end of the pipeline, including the single functional one. It professed to have actually acquired alerts coming from Russia’s industrial security guard dog that the cracks “carry out not allow secure, hassle-free function of the fuel turbine motor.”

” About this, it is actually needed to take proper solutions and also put on hold additional procedures of the … gasoline compressor device among the pinpointed gross (protection) violations,” the business said.

Gazprom began reducing materials for Nord Flow 1 in mid-June, blaming delays on the shipment of a wind turbine that had been sent to Canada for repair work. Canada has due to the fact that it made it possible for the generator’s shipping to Germany, which has actually said that nothing at all stands in the way of it is actually sent out to Russia, besides Russia claiming it really wants the part.

In recent weeks, Nord Stream 1 has been actually going for merely 20% of its ability.

Germany’s Siemens Power, which made the turbines, stated after observing Gazprom’s announcement that “such a result is not a technical explanation for stopping function.”

“Such leakages almost never have an effect on the operation of a wind turbine and can be sealed off on-site,” the company said in a statement. It was incorporated that this “is a routine method during maintenance work,” which form of leak didn’t cause functions to shut down previously.

Siemens Energy stated it had not been contracted for routine maintenance work but was actually waiting.

“Regardless, our team has currently identified numerous opportunities that there are actually sufficient additional wind turbines available at the Portovaya compressor station for Nord Stream 1 to run,” it added.

Germany’s dependence on Russia, which before the decreases began represented a little more than a third of Germany’s gasoline items, has additionally reduced the flow of gas to other European nations which have actually sided with Ukraine in the battle.

Organic fuel is actually made use of to power the market, warm homes, and workplaces, as well as generate electrical power.

Raising the amount aside has actually been a key concentration of the German federal government due to the fact that Russia attacked Ukraine to prevent the partition of the field as requirements increase in winter.¬†Germany’s storage facilities are actually currently over 84% complete.

The head of Germany’s system governing organization, Klaus Mueller, tweeted that the Russian choice to keep Nord Stream 1 switched off meanwhile improves the implication of new liquefied all-natural gasoline terminals that Germany is organizing to begin operating this winter, gasoline storage space, and “considerable needs to save” fuel.

It is “excellent that Germany is actually right now much better equipped, now it comes down to every person,” Mueller included.

Germany’s economy administrative agency said it had actually “taken note” of Gazprom’s most recent announcement and also wouldn’t discuss it directly, but included that “our company has presently found Russia’s unreliability in recent full weeks” and also carried on attempts to reduce the country’s dependence on Russian energy imports.

“Certainly, these are hard times, yet our company will definitely continue to boost provisions constantly,” the department said in a statement.

“Wonderful efforts are still needed, but our company is actually on a good pathway to coping with the situation.”

Despite Russian supply cuts, the European Union has only met its own goal of loading its gasoline storage to 80% before the November 1 deadline.

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