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Frankfurt, September 2nd An engine oil leak that Gazprom (GAZP.MM) said had actually been located at the last remaining turbine in operation at the Portovaya compressor terminal does not constitute a technological reason for stopping operation, Siemens Power (ENR1n.DE) said on Friday.

Siemens Energy: engine oil leak no reason to stop Nord …

Such leakages do not usually affect the operation of a wind turbine and can be secured on-site. “It is a routine treatment within the scope of the maintenance job,” the company stated.

Gazprom had earlier said that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which is loaded by Portovaya, would remain shut for the time being, efficiently extending an interruption that was expected to finish at 0100 GMT, Sept 3.

“In the past as well, the incident of this type of leak has actually not brought about the closure of procedures. “Siemens Energy is not presently able to accomplish upkeep work, yet gets on standby,” the company claimed.
“Regardless of this, we have already mentioned a number of times that there are various other wind turbines readily available at the Portovaya compressor station for Nord Stream 1 to operate,” Siemens Energy said.

FRANKFURT, September 2 (Wire Service) – An engine oil crack discovered by Gazprom (GAZP.MM) at the last operational turbine at the Portovaya converter station does not constitute a specific reason for the station’s shutdown, Siemens Power (ENR1n.DE) said on Friday.

Such cracks do not normally have an effect on the procedure of a wind turbine and may also be sealed off on an internet site. “It is a routine operation within the scope of upkeep work,” the provider said.
Gazprom previously stated that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which is actually served by Portovaya, will remain closed indefinitely, effectively extending an interruption that was scheduled to end at 0100 GMT on September 3.

Previously, too, the situation of this kind of leak has actually not resulted in a cessation of operations. Siemens Energy is actually certainly not currently contracted to perform routine maintenance work, yet performs standby, “the provider said.”
” Regardless of this particular, our experts have actually pointed out numerous opportunities that there are various other generators on call at the Portovaya converter station for Nord Flow 1 to run,” Siemens Power said.

Insurance claims through Russian state gas business Gazprom that it stopped the Nord Stream 1 gasoline pipe due to an engine crack are likely incorrect, as German design company Siemens Energy has actually claimed.

German disc jockey Deutsche Welle mentioned on Sept. 2 that Gazprom stopped the gasoline circulation through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany, pointing out a crack at the main gas wind turbine at the Portovaya converter station near St. Petersburg.

The news didn’t supply a timeframe for when products could be rebooted.

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia-Russia’s largest gas pipeline to Europe will not return to pumping until Siemens Power fixes faulty devices, Gazprom’s Deputy Leader Vitaly Markelov told the wire service on Tuesday.

Europe is actually experiencing its worst fuel shortage ever before, with power rates shooting up as well as German foreign buyers even discussing possible distribution in the European Union’s greatest economy after Russia minimized flows westwards.

Gazprom on Friday mentioned that the Nord Flow 1 pipe, Europe’s major source path, will continue to be closed as a generator at a compressor station had an engine oil leak, sending retail gas prices skyrocketing.

When asked when Nord Flow 1 would certainly begin pushing gas again, Markelov informed the news agency on the subsidiaries of the Eastern Economic Forum in the Russian Pacific port of Vladivostok: “You need to talk to Siemens. They must mend tools initially. ”

Siemens Electricity stated it was not currently commissioned by Gazprom to accomplish upkeep focus on the turbine along with the suspected engine oil leak, but was on standby.

The provider, headquartered in Munich, Germany, pointed out on Tuesday that it did certainly not comprehend Gazprom’s presentation of the situation.

It mentioned an engine oil crack at the last remaining turbine in function at the Portovaya converter terminal did not make up the main reason for maintaining the pipe closed.

Siemens Power claimed in a written statement that “our team may certainly not understand this new portrayal based upon the details delivered to our team over the weekend break.”

“Our investigation indicates that the outcomes associated with our company’s operations do not represent a technological primary reason for ceasing operations.”” Such water leaks do certainly not ordinarily affect the operation of a generator and may be secured on site,” it included.


The Kremlin blames the electricity outages on Western sanctions imposed on Russia for what President Vladimir Putin describes as a “unique military operation” in Ukraine. International innovators say Moscow is utilizing power to badger the EU.

Nord Flow 1, which runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany, is actually, without a doubt, the most significant Russian gasoline pipeline to Europe, lugging around 59.2 billion cubic metres of fuel annually.

Nord Flow currently possesses and is the target of blame between Berlin and Moscow.

Germany, the biggest international customer of Russian energy, says Russia is no longer a reliable distributor. EU politicians state Putin is using his clout as the mind of one of the planet’s biggest electricity powers to feed dissonance in Europe over the disagreement in Ukraine.

Germany dismisses Gazprom’s explanations concerning turbine concerns as a pretense.

But the Kremlin points out that the West caused the energy problems by imposing the absolute most extreme nods in modern times, an action Putin says is similar to a declaration of economic war.

The Kremlin also stated that Russia will retaliate against a G7 plan to impose a cost limit on Russian oil, a measure that is unlikely to harm Russia unless China and India follow suit.

Russia’s Energy Pastor Nikolai Shulginov stated on Tuesday in Vladivostok that Russia will react to the price limit by delivering additional oil to Asia. He said Russia and its companions were thinking about putting together an insurer to help with the oil field.


Russia’s Gazprom maintains gas pipe to Germany turned off



Siemens Energy Q3 FY22 Earnings Release – August 08, 2022  


  • Orders continued to be strong, with growth of 60.0% year-over-year on a comparable basis (excluding currency translation and portfolio effects). Both segments contributed to the increase, resulting in third-quarter orders of €9.8bn driving order backlog to another record of €93.4bn. 
  • Revenue of €7.3bn was down by 4.7% on a comparable basis, as growth at GP was more than offset by a decline at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE). 
  • Despite burdens from supply chain constraints, GP reported a positive Adjusted EBITA before special items of €212m nearly on prior-year quarter’s level. Due to the high loss at SGRE, Siemens Energy’s Adjusted EBITA before special items was negative €131m. Special items amounted to a negative €298m largely related to the restructuring of the business in Russia. Adjusted EBITA for Siemens Energy came in at a negative €429m. 

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