June 5, 2023
Dan Perez

Even for a player accustomed to eyebrow-raising remarks, this, from Pat Dan Perez, appeared severe. Performed Dan Perez really simply increase his income along with his dive to LIV?” 3 for me,” he told press reporters after the completion of his third-career LIV Golf event in Boston. “I have actually doubled my revenues on the excursion in 25 events compared to these 3.”

Sure, perhaps the very first three events of Perez’s LIV profession were actually lucrative, but increasing his tour incomes? Wouldn’t that take longer than 3 celebrations to accomplish, especially for a gamer whose finest appearance on the upstart tour was actually Sunday’s T15 at The International, an attempt that nabbed him some $240,000?

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A closer examination of the figures reveals that not only was the four-time PGA Scenic Tour winner speaking earnestly about the change in his financial circumstances, but he was also underselling it.

Rather, Perez’s comments exemplify certainly not an unintended fault, but a peek into both his freshly inflated bank profile and the eye-popping economics of golf’s Saudi-funded brand-new league.
In conditions of high on-course profits, Perez still has ground to make up to reach his PGA Scenic tour total.

In 19 starts in 2021-22, Perez created a shade over $1 million on the PGA Scenic Tour ($1,071,981, every trip website), including 7 missed reduces. Perez made 21 cuts and earned $1.2 million during the 2020-21 fiscal year.

In 3 celebrations on the LIV Scenic Tour, Perez has actually completed 29th, T31, and also T15, getting him some $549,667– a quantity that falls effectively short of his total amount from either ’20-21 or ’21-22.

On-course, revenues merely tell a piece of the LIV story. To understand the entirety of Perez’s payday, it is vital to likewise consider his staff revenues.

In a movement of good luck, Perez– a participant of the Aces– has actually located himself on the succeeding crew of all three LIV celebrations he has actually begun.

Therefore, he’s gathered a chunk of the Aces’ team award for gaining each occasion ($1 million for LIV Rose City as well as Bed minster, $3 thousand for LIV Boston, Ma).

Presuming the four participants split each of the team prizes equally, that’s an extra $1.25 million in income for Perez, or even more obviously,

Additional cash in crew benefits than he brought in contending on the PGA Scenic tour with all of ’20-21 or ’21-22.

In each, Perez’s LIV revenues on simply 3 occasions– $1,799,667– would represent the second-most lucrative year of his PGA Scenic tour occupation.

In a dose of included irony, Perez has gathered all those funds in crew rewards without ever working as the reduced scorer for his team in a 54-hole activity.

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Naturally, the only thing that loan isn’t counting is his payday for merely enrolling the populated line. Perez apparently approved a $10 thousand signing benefit to participating in LIV, which, as the league has actually stated, resides in enhancement to his event income.

Thus, what does this inform us? For the main thing, along with no-cut celebrations and crew payments leading the way, Dab Perez is performing really properly under several of the affordable benefits provided through LIV. For one more, this information informs our company that players like Perez stand to make additional money in just eight events in 2022 than they’ve produced in total periods completing on the PGA Tour lately.

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Right now, at 46, Perez has actually made $28.8 million on the PGA Tour in his quarter-century because of switching pros.

Featuring his signing incentive and the significant, end-of-season handbags provided to LIV’s top-performing players and groups, Perez stands to make half that volume (or even around $14 million) or even a lot more in simply his first time on LIV.

Yes, there is actually still the dilemma of reasonable stability (to silence the ethical as well as ethical dilemmas that border the league). These are actually inquiries without effortless solutions for LIV’s players. However, with such large paydays, it may not matter.

“Event suits do not pay out $4.75 thousand,” Perez mentioned.

That checks out. But what about that?

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