June 5, 2023

Huge fire in China today, State media report number of casualties currently unknown in blaze at telecommunications firm

A fire engulfed a skyscraper in the central Chinese city of Changsha, with authorities saying that no casualties had yet been found.


🔴 It was wholly burnt, and the injuries may exceed hundreds… A horrific fire engulfs a skyscraper in central China.

A terrible fire broke out in a skyscraper in the city of Changsha in central China, without disclosing the number of injuries so far, as thick smoke rose from the site while the fire was raging strongly on several floors of the building.

China Telecom said in a statement on social media: “By about 4:30 pm today, the fire at our No 2 Communications Tower in Changsha has been extinguished.

🔴 The media reported that the firefighting personnel began work on fighting the fire and relief operations at the site.

🔴 The fire devours a tower that includes offices belonging to the public telecommunications company “China Telecom”, according to the same source.

🔴 Tweets and media outlets have indicated that the injuries may exceed 100 cases so far due to the seriousness of the huge fire that consumed the entire building.

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