March 27, 2023


The Qatar-based Egyptian scholar al-Qaradawi, who remained in his nineties, was well-known across the Muslim world. 

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the Sunni Muslim world’s most prominent religious scholars, has passed away.

Al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian who was based in Qatar, was the chairman of the International Union of Muslim scholars and also spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He was 96 years old. His fatality on Monday was revealed on his main Twitter account. Al-Qaradawi, who previously made regular appearances on Al Jazeera Arabic to review religious issues, organised a prominent TV program, “Shariah as well as Life,” in which he took phone calls from throughout the Muslim globe, dispensing doctrinal judgments and making suggestions on everything from international national politics to ordinary aspects of daily life.

Al-Qaradawi was extremely critical of the coup that overthrew Egypt’s very first democratically elected head of state, Mohamed Morsi, in 2013.

Morsi had actually been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to coming to be president, and was backed by the organisation.

Al-Qaradawi was not able to go back to Egypt following Morsi’s overthrow as a result of his opposition to Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

The religious leader had actually been in exile from Egypt before the 2011 revolution that overthrew previous President Hosni Mubarak. His death triggered strong reactions across the Muslim globe, as individuals took to social networks to grieve his death. 

The Muslim League, which was founded in Egypt and also had branches throughout the area, played a significant role in the 2011 uprisings that rocked the Middle East and also caused widespread presentations in several countries throughout the region.

Al-Qaradawi had actually been tried as well as sentenced to death in absentia in Egypt. Al Jazeera’s Jamal El Shayyal said Qaradawi authored “greater than 120 publications and also more than 50-60 other publications that talked to a large section of the international Muslim area. “He was most likely the most internationalised Muslim scholar that Islam had in modern times—possibly the single most significant because he didn’t restrict his mentors to a specific area of Islam,” he said.

Qaradawi commonly mentioned modern day issues, consisting of everything from the “permissibility of connections to elections and freedom to social justice concerns,” El Shayyal included. Born in 1926, while Egypt was still under British colonial guidelines, Al-Qaradawi incorporated religious education and learning with anti-colonial activism during his youth. His advocacy against the British profession and, later on, his organisation with the Muslim Brotherhood resulted in his apprehension a number of times throughout the 1950’s.

He moved to Qatar in the early 1960s when he was designated Dean of the Faculty of Shariah at Qatar College and, after that, later granted Qatari citizenship. Qaradawi was described by Ibrahim Salah Al-Nuaimi, chairman of the Doha Worldwide Centre for Interfaith Dialogue, as a “moderate, wonderful scholar”.

“He functioned very closely with lots of agents of various confidences to bring together harmony and to really put down the hate speech” that would sometimes arise in between different beliefs, Al-Nuaimi told Al Jazeera.

One of his very early and renowned works was the 1973 book Fiqh al-Zakat (The Law of Zakat). Al-Qaradawi additionally sought to reinterpret historical regulations of Islamic law in order to better incorporate Muslims into non-Muslim cultures.

He supported self-destruction bombings against Israel in the Second Intifada as well as articulated support for the Iraqi insurgency that erupted after the US-led invasion of 2003 that fell on Saddam Hussein.

His stance on both problems won him a long history of infamy in the West. In 2009, Israel’s Shin Wager interior safety and security company implicated al-Qaradawi of allocating $21 million to a charity funded by Hamas to set up a militant framework in Jerusalem. Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, rejected the accusations.





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