March 27, 2023

Emergency vehicles obstructed by Just Quit Oil objection in west London rush hour


The team’s 11th successive day of interruption in London as the government has claimed it will certainly try to toughen up powers to avoid the team from interfering with people’s lives.

A fire truck as well as an ambulance were amongst the automobiles captured in a clog by Simply Quit Oil protesters in west London, which the federal government has actually claimed is “unacceptable”.

Emergency vehicles blocked by Just Stop Oil protest in 

Videos shared online revealed the emergency situation where vehicles on blue lights were incapable of surviving the traffic after around 32 protesters obstructed 3 roadways in Knightsbridge and Brompton Roadway.

The protesters stopped traffic from taking a trip in either direction, with some gluing themselves to the asphalt.

One video clip revealed a fixed fire truck in the middle of a junction near Knightsbridge Underground station, with militants obstructing both the roadway behind it as well as in front of it.

Just Quit Oil later on tweeted a video showing protesters moving out of the way of a fire truck with the inscription: “Simply Quit Oil fans time out obstacle to allow fire truck through.”

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: “A home appliance from Kensington Fire Station was temporarily blocked by a road block and got here within 14 minutes of being called.”

Emergency vehicles blocked by Just Stop Oil 

This is the team’s 11th consecutive day of interruption in London, with protesters demanding the federal government halt all brand-new oil and gas permits and permissions.

The prime minister’s official spokesman claimed: “These sorts of objections which interrupt individuals’ every day lives or without a doubt can quit our emergency solutions from potentially saving lives are inappropriate.”

” That’s why we’ve already strengthened powers for the police, we’ve given them brand-new powers to act and we are additionally taking more powers via your home currently to ensure they can go further in stopping these people from interrupting individuals’ lives.”

Asked whether members of the public must step in to remove protesters, the representative stated that while the government “can recognize the public’s frustrations with their lives being disrupted in this way,” it is “for the cops to respond in the first circumstances to these types of demonstrations.”

A Just Quit Oil spokesperson said: “Just Quit Oil policy is, and constantly has been, to let blue light emergency situation services via

It was reported today that emergency services were blocked in Knightsbridge. Actually, among our supporters, we routed a rescue far from the road block as well as our fans left the road to permit the fire truck to pass.

” The general public are right to be distressed, aggravated, irritated as well as mad-their lives have been interrupted.”

” The government can stop this today by making a purposeful statement to finish new oil and gas in the UK.”

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